Daniel Johnson’s Sloth Hangout

Visit the Roatan Sloth Sanctuary for an enjoyable and educational day!

When we visit Daniel Johnson’s Sloth Hangout, you will not just interact with the animals but also learn about their behaviors, habitat and their most liked foods and things they love to do.

It is a very well run institution that takes great care of their animals, all that have been saved from different circumstances. One can see that they are healthy and happy.

Especially looking at parrots who would tear out their feathers and their colors would not be bright if unhealthy or unhappy

The entrance fee of $12 goes right back into keeping the grounds clean and caring for the animals. No exploitation, no rough handling but rather giving information about how to interact with them to not distress them.

It is a one in a lifetime experience when you go to a reputable animal sanctuary like Daniel Johnson’s Sloth Hangout.

Being a day guest or if you are staying here for a vacation, visiting the Roatan Sloth Sanctuary something you should plan on doing whilst here.

Knowing that someone takes good care of the animals that could not survive on their own in the wild as they have already been domesticated, is a blessing.