Welcome to Roatan Dreamcatchers, where you will find your perfect Roatan vacation experience.

Inspired by you, we wanted to create something that satisfies the first time visitor and the Roatan enthusiast equally.

Our focus lies on individuals and small groups wanting to enjoy Roatan’s beauty on their own boat private charter and their own schedule.

Most visitors are keen in doing activities in and on the water.

The island itself holds lush vegetation as well as natural secluded beaches.

Several 100’s of different types of coral with a vast amount of fish species is what you can find under water.

Sure enough we offer a variety of activities like scuba diving around Roatan, snorkel tours, day trips to the neighbor islands, PADI scuba diving courses, deep sea fishing and more.

Uniquely our services include, but are not limited to the following.

Flexible scheduling, scuba and snorkel gear, longer bottom times for divers, drinking water, fruits, towels.

Certainly at all times on board a first aid and emergency oxygen kit, for your safety while we have fun.

We will also pick you up in Sandy Bay, West End and West Bay area.

Furthermore as part of what we do: we take pictures and videos of your adventure and give them to you! Just like that, so you will have wonderful memories of your Roatan vacation.

Come and live your dream of a perfect vacation!

Roatan Dreamcatchers- experiencing first class above and below the surface….Contact us to book your private charter today!

About Us

Find out who is Roatan Dreamcatchers.

Your experience is not about us but all about you. Our ultimate goal is that your excursion with us is an unforgettable vacation experience in and above the water.

We are happy being able to offer a first class experience in        being full service at its’ best.

Our German PADI dive instructor is a passionate diver since 1994 and has been diving in quarries, the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Caribbean.

Since 2003 on Roatan, she knows where the nice spots are in the Bay Islands.

Because of her knowledge about reef creatures and local dive conditions, she will always pick the right site for you to make the most of your Roatan private scuba diving experience.

Furthermore she will be looking to have unforgettable encounters with the island’s diverse marine life, small or big.

Since our captain was born on Roatan, he knows the waters throughout the Bay Islands like the back of his hand.

For this reason, he’ll keep you safe no matter where you will be heading: West or East end of Roatan, the neighbor islands…..

And being an enthusiastic snorkeler and diver, no doubt you will be in good hands.

In addition  of what we do is taking pictures and videos from your adventure and give them to you. Just like that so you can have memories of your private scuba diving experience on Roatan.

Our goal is to give you the ultimate experience, always having safety and fun in mind!

Remember it is not about us……


The Roatan tours listed below can be a combination of diving, snorkeling and fishing.

Furthermore, they can be totally customized to your needs.  The snacks and drinks we include, depend on your taste. We ask you- you tell us ; )

Big Bight Channel trip, pick up preferably 8-8.30am- return around 2pm, includes 2 snorkel(snk) sites or 1 dive and 1 snk site, water, fruits, snacks, gear and towels. Alcoholic drinks can be arranged so can be lunch. $130/snk or $170/diver. A 2 tank dive trip, values at $210/diver.

Pigeon Key, Cayos Cochinos or Utila trip, pick up 8am- return around 4pm, includes 2-3 snk sites or 1 dive and 1-2 snk sites, water, fruits, snacks, gear and towels. Alcoholic drinks and lunch can be arranged. $220/snk or $260/diver. A 2 tank dive trip, values at $300/diver.

Sandy Bay/Mudhole trip, pick up preferably 9am- return around 12pm, includes 2 snk sites or 1 dive and 1 snk site, water, fruits, snacks, gear and towels. $60/snk or $100/diver. 

Guanaja trip, pick up 6am- return around 5pm, may include snorkeling and/or diving, includes water, fruits, snacks, gear and towels. Alcoholic drinks can be arranged. Price upon request.

Fishing trip, choose from deep sea fishing/ fly fishing/ bottom fishing/ hand line fishing.  As a matter of fact, pick up can be early morning around 5.30/6am or in the afternoon around 3/4pm,  $100/hour with a minimum of 3 hours and up to 4 people. 

In addition boat charters, our customized Roatan tours are available, price upon request.

Please note: all off shore trips are weather dependent. Prices for trips 1-3 are based on a minimum of 4 persons. Transfers from/to cruise ship dock are not included and depend on group size and port.

Prices do not include 19% taxes.

In order to make a reservation, a 50% deposit is required.

Good To Know

In general it is good to know a little more about your destination, so we have prepared some helpful Roatan facts.

Roatan is about 36 miles long and at its widest part, 5 miles wide. The Western part of the island all the way from West Bay to French Harbor is very well developed with accommodations of any price range and taste. From French Harbor to Oakridge you have a paved road which then goes into a dirt road continuing to Camp Bay, and in rainy season a bit tricky depending on the vehicle you have….

Camp Bay has for me the most beautiful natural beach on the whole island of Roatan- but don’t think that that is it. Roatan ends with the island of St. Helene where you can only go by boat. Separated by a channel leading through the mangroves, it is very pristine and secluded beaches are everywhere.

On the way, you can drive into the fishing villages of Punta Gorda and Oakridge. It feels that on the East end, time stood still for a while. It’s beautiful and secluded with tourists rather passing through. On Sundays, Punta Gorda has live bands playing the “punta”, people dancing, good local food and beer. If you have the time, don’t miss it.

The island has several bigger supermarkets(Eldons, Plaza Mar) importing a lot of products from the US. In Coxen Hole you will find a few local stores(Isleño, Pollo Rey) that have….. local things. From toilet paper to fruits and vegetables or meat. Quality in either one is good and where you shop depends at times if you like to save a buck or two. You will find a few trucks along the road selling fruits and vegetables- always a good choice and mostly fresh. Their assortment is from Guatemala or the mainland Honduras.

Coming to Roatan, you do not need to change from US Dollar to Lempira, the local currency. Here everybody accepts US Dollar but you may get your change in Lempira. Exchange rates may vary……

Most banks are in the town of Coxen Hole. Atms you can find in West Bay, West End, at fuel stations, airport etc. Most give the local currency, only some give you Dollars. I heard that some are not safe, so please ask somebody before you want to take money out.

In the first place please make sure US Dollar bills are unmarked, not torn, have no edges missing etc. No bank nor shop accepts these bills, especially not from locals! So please keep that in mind when you pay AND tip somebody. Thank you.

There is no dress code here on the island, other than light clothes, sandals/flip flops and a smile……just enjoy your Roatan vacation!

Traffic……yep, if you want to rent a scooter- please be safe. Here we have only one road, “Highway 1”. Coming off the road, you head either downhill or into a dirtwall…..neither one you want to meet. Especially taxis have often no functioning back lights or blinkers plus they brake instantly. Many other cars would not get a pass in an inspection looking at the tires etc. So always keep your distance and anticipate.

Rainy season starts around end of October and ends around February. It can be raining an entire day or just present itself in on-and-off-showers. But there may be days with no clouds and lake-like waters too….. regardless be prepared and bring a rain coat, long trousers and long sleeve shirt- just in case.

The bug repellent that works best for me is a non deet version. Mix any of these oils: coconut/olive/baby/moringa oil and add a little essential oil of lavender or citronella. The oils keep the sandflies away and the lavender or citronella keeps the mosquitos away. Apply as many times as you need to.

Feel free to contact us if you need anything else.

Contact Us

Looking for exciting things to do in Roatan? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or doubts. We will be happy to assist you  : )